Gauntlet (2): “Go through an intimidating or dangerous place or experience in order to reach a goal.”


Special thanks to Jacob for testing and editing this deck.  Stay tuned for an update to his Mains & Toys deck in the future.


The Rebel Alliance has no choice but to initiate an offensive against the Death Star.  From their Yavin 4 war room, Leia Organa and the other Rebel leaders agree to commit their full fire power to the battle, agreeing that this will be their last stand.

The Red and Gold Squadron’s are the tip of the spear, holding the outcome of the battle in their hands.  After the loss of Red Leader, Luke Skywalker is the rebellion’s last hope to destroy the Death Star.  But, to the dismay of the Rebel leaders, Luke disables his targeting computer as he speeds down the trench.  Luke is willing to risk the Alliance’s future on his rudimentary control of the force.   He identifies the exhaust port, channels his feelings, fires his proton torpedoes…

…and misses.

Panic breaks out in the Yavin 4 War Room.  Why had they listened to Leia and allowed a farm boy to control the fate of their rebellion?  How could they trust someone who believed the ghost of a dusty hermit would lead him to success on the battlefield?  Their best hope of destroying the Death Star was lost.

Luke’s X-Wing, Red 5, is immediately destroyed by Darth Vader.  Darth Vader then collides with his wingman and spirals into space – but the deed has been done.  The Rebels will not exploit the Death Star’s weakness.  Vader briefly sees a familiar Astromech droid also floating away from the Death Star – R2-D2, ejected safety, just prior to the demise of Red 5.

Back in the War Room, the leaders of the Rebel Alliance make a difficult, but clear choice.  This is their last stand, and despite the failure of the prodigy Luke Skywalker, the Rebel Alliance must continue its mission to destroy the Death Star – the fate of innocent civilians, on any planet opposing the Imperial domination, hangs in the balance.

The Rebels launch everything they have from Yavin 4.  At the Death Star, a kaleidoscope of Rebel scrap jumps out of hyperspace.  Corellian Corvettes, Nebulon-B Frigates, and Medium Transports explode into the vacuum, surrounding the Death Star with an impenetrable field of moving metal and deflector shields.  Out of their hulls flood X-Wings, Y-Wings, and A-Wings.  An intimidating site from the viewing platforms of the Death Star.

But the Imperials respond quickly.  Out of the Death Star a swarm of TIE Fighters, Scouts, Vanguards , and Avengers flood into space.  Outnumbering the Rebel ships, the Imperials appear to have an easy victory on their hands.

And to ensure that this is truly the end of the Alliance, the Death Star powers up to complete its mission.  The terror that is the Superlaser erupts – destroying Yavin 4 and all of the Rebel leadership assembled there.  The blast creates a large asteroid field around the Death Star.  The desire to surrender is lost to any Rebel – with their base destroyed, leadership annihilated, and Jedi nowhere to be found…THE GAUNTLET: Deep Space commences.


All of the epic Star Wars battles move very quickly in the movies and generally focus on the main characters who always end up safe and sound.  The rest of the faithful Rebel soldiers and dutiful Imperials go unnoticed.  An by “the rest” I mean the hundreds of thousands of casualties in the galactic struggle.  The vacuum of space is unforgiving to a disabled star fighter.  On the Rebel side, there aren’t enough resources to rescue their stranded friends as their floating heaps are drawn, slowly, into the nearest sun and condensed into solid, rudimentary mass.  And for the Imperials, their personnel are not worth rescuing anyway.  They entered the battle hoping to die and will be left to do so.  No one thinks twice about these casualties, how they could have been avoided, or how their efforts could have changed the fate of the galaxy.

What if the individuals with The Force failed?  What side would win if it came down to military genius as opposed to a divine, Force driven outcome?

THE GAUNTLET: Deep Space is designed to simulate a “force free” galactic battle.  Vader and Luke are out of the picture.  An undersized, but crafty Rebel Alliance are facing a well resourced but generally under-powered Imperial navy.  The frills and distractions have been removed, leaving only tactical genius left to decide the winner.


With THE GAUNTLET we are breaking the rules.

First, THE GAUNTLET: Deep Space is BIG.  70 LIFE FORCE per side.  Large navies just like the starfighters in the background of every Star Wars battle scene.  Importantly, with 70 life force, you can lose a battle, or two, and still win the war.  Gambits that would never be interesting in typical Star Wars CCG games become essential with this deck.  Managing your hand size, force pile, weapons, and on-board resources is far more important than drawing the right destiny or playing the best combination in any given turn.

Second, because the point of the deck is to deploy starships and get into battle we recommend a few changes to the initial gameplay:

  • Each player should start with a hand that includes 12 cards (vs. 8)
  • Both players should start with ALL of their sites deployed (these decks do not have overlapping sites)
  • The Light Side will go first since the Death Star is deployed
  • We have included asteroid sectors to simulate the debris of Yavin 4.
    • These asteroids are placed adjacent to the Death Star at Parsec 4
    • Asteroid Rules are NOT in effect
    • (The Asteroid sectors create more battlegrounds without the use of hyperdrive)
  • Pro tip from Jacob: use an 8 sided die to mark the Parsec location of the Death Star – you don’t want to forget where it’s located!

With the sites deployed each player will have significant force generation early in the game; combined with a large hand the battles should occur early and often.  With this deck the games are truly battles of attrition, so leverage weapons as effectively as possible to inflict maximum damage.

Let us know if you have any deck tips or other potential rule changes!


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