“Enhanced” Target the Main Generator

First off, a big thank you to Jacob Klein for his feedback on our original Hoth deck.  We’ve adjusted the base deck a bit based on his thoughts (updated deck list is here).  Even better was his idea for an upgrade pack and his suggestions on what to include.  So without further ado we present the Enhanced Hoth Pack.

The Target The Main Generator Deck slightly favors the dark side (as we discussed in the deck post).  The cards in the Enhanced set slightly favor the Rebels to bring more balance to the overall deck.  Plus, if your budget allows, it’s just more fun to play with additional Mains.

The Enhanced Hoth pack includes six cards for each side (PDF: Enhanced Hoth List).

The set is available here: Enhanced Hoth Pack

Enhanced Hoth

The Light Side additions add some firepower with Commander Wedge, Rogue 3, Princess Leia, and Anakin’s Lightsaber to go with Commander Luke in the original deck.  In addition, Mechanical Failure can slowdown the Imperial assault, and 2-1B allows for some valuable recycling of characters (particularly given the amount of Echo Base Trooper carnage the Rebels sustain).  With these additions the Light side is much better equipped to handle the Imperial onslaught.

The Dark Side doesn’t add as much armor, but You May Start Your Landing and Walker Garrison allow the Imperials to be more nimble and force the Rebels to engage.  A slightly riskier option given the more balanced armies, but speed and aggressiveness was a cornerstone of the Imperial strategy in The Empire Strikes Back, so why not?  The additions of Ozzel and Blizzard Scout 1 add some power and mobility (but not enough to offset the Light Side additions).  The Electro-Rangefinder is helpful for targeting the generators and the Wampa (which would be the second in the deck) is a fun harassment to the Rebel troopers (who lack the ability to hide in AT-AT’s when the creature is on the loose).

The “Enhanced” cards could be swapped for cards originally included…but we’d recommend simply adding the cards to each deck and starting with 66.  For traditionalists we’d recommend the following swaps (but let us know if people have better ideas):

Light Side:

  • Commander Wedge Antilles: remove Cal Alder
  • Princess Leia: remove a Tauntaun Handler
  • 2-1B: remove Artillery Remote
  • Rogue 3: remove a Tauntaun
  • Anakin’s Lightsaber: remove one of the Laser Cannon weapons
  • Mechanical Failure: remove Echo Base Operations (or if you have the new version of the Hoth deck remove a Walker Sighting)

Dark Side:

  • Ozzel: remove an AT-AT Driver
  • Blizzard Scout 1: remove an E-Web Blaster
  • Electro-Rangefinder: remove Portable Fusion generator
  • You May Start Your Landing: remove A Dark Time for the Rebellion (or a Blaster Rifle from the new deck)
  • Walker Garrison: remove Breached Defenses
  • Wampa: remove an Imperial Gunner

Let us know if you have additional feedback!





One thought on ““Enhanced” Target the Main Generator

  1. Would you be able to post decklists of the latest theme decks in your store? I like the concept, but I’d definitely like to know what I’d be paying for before I’d consider buying them.


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