Card of the Week: Boba Fett, Bounty Hunter

Boba Fett, Bounty Hunter.png


  • 7:5 power-to-deploy cost ratio
  • Easy requirements to gain an extra battle destiny
  • Easy requirements to gain two battle destinies in heavy Vader and/or Bounty Hunter decks
  • High immunity to attrition
  • Powerful for both Space & Ground


  • Game text as well as ability of 3 is weak when battling alone; limits Boba to a powerful support character
  • Costly end-of-turn requirements (use 2 force to keep on table, lose 2 force and place in used pile, or place in lost pile)

Great for… 

  • Decks centered around Vader or Bounty Hunters
  • High force generation decks

How to Use Effectively… 

  • Most powerful when deployed into an existing battle area where the Dark Side \has Vader and/or Bounty Hunters deployed
    • Due to deploy cost it is deploy simultaneously with other characters during same turn
  • Consider using as a “kamikaze card” by adding two additional battle destiny to clear the board and forfeiting Boba in order to alleviate attrition and negate the costly card upkeep

History, Trivia, Fun Facts 

  • After being swallowed by the Sarlaac in the Pit of Carkoon, Boba Fett escaped by killing the Sarlaac with a thermal detonator
  • Helmet gives full 360-degree vision as a result of advanced HUD and information readout
  • His father, Jango Fett,  donated sperm allowed the Kamino cloning operations to use his DNA to build the Republic’s clone army
  • Prefers disintegrations, but deferred to Vader’s wishes while pursuing Luke Skywalker

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